Auto Xtras Ltd.


Auto Xtras Ltd. was developed from past experience and hard work. Kevin And Dennis have over 18 years of combined experience in remote starters alone. Along with their knowledge of electrical experience they have the mechanical skills to take on almost any task. Their business has expanded from remote starters, and stereos to a large variety of accessories. These accessories include running boards, computer mounts, trailer hitches, chrome trim, and much more. Kevin And Dennis invite you to come in and check out Auto Xtras today!


Getting Started With Kevin


In the mid 90s, Kevin Falkenberg, began installing remotes starters and car stereos as a hobby after hours out of his garage. Kevins passion received a lot a praise for the installation he was doing, thus the name Auto Xtras was born 1997. With growing popularity in Kevins small home based business, he went from two nights a week to one every day and some on weekends too. After many years of this Kevin decided it was time for a change. It wastime for Kevins passion, or Auto Xtras to be his career.


Getting Started With Dennis


Dennis Smyth began his career as a apprentice at a local dealer installing remote starters. Like Kevin, Dennis also grew in popularity. In fact, he too decided to make a business out of it. Smyth Remotes started in 2001, with evenings and weekends booked solid at least a month ahead. In 2007, Dennis joined Kevin, while working for the dealership full time. July of 2007 Dennis took his journeyman certificate and joined Kevin full time.

Quality Is An Attitude

Both Dennis and Kevin believe that customer referrals are the best form of advertising, which only comes with customer satisfaction.

At Auto Xtras, quality workmanship and personal service is what we believe in.

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